Prepare Your Car Before Reselling

Do you feel your car doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore?

The reasons for this may vary. Perhaps the family is getting bigger, or there are plans of expanding it with a new family member. Perhaps you want something more comfortable or cost-effective in terms of maintenance.

Whatever the reason, you finally made up your mind that it is time to sell your old car and get a new one.

Once we have made such a decision, we start thinking, “how much could I get for it?”

In the end, what you get for your used car, depends on how much you have cared for your vehicle. However, before putting the “For Sale” sign on your windshield or online, take the time to go over your car and make a list of minor fix-ups you could perform.

Some of these minor repairs are not expensive at all and could help you get some extra hundreds or thousands, from your old car sale.

tips for selling your old car

Minor Details

It is actually the details that many potential buyers will look into. Any little damage can send the wrong message to potential buyers. Basically, “that you didn’t properly care for your car” and this could cost you more money than what it takes to repair those little details.

Here are a few tips and suggestions Big Dog Wraps, put together in order to help you get the most profit from the sale of your old car.


Any burned out headlights or taillights, must be replaced. Burned lights are a definite sign that your vehicle is all worn out and has not been properly cared for.


Clean the interior of the car. Clean and treat the leather, -if there is any– and vacuum the carpeting. Check the removable mats. If they are worth washing, go for it, otherwise, buy new ones. A set of rubber mats is not expensive at all. It is recommended using car Cleaning products, instead of household cleaners.

Try to see if you can find any missing knobs. Any missing part of the A/C dash or radio will make your car look older and more deteriorated.


Documented proof that your vehicle was well taken care of is one of the surest ways to get the maximum value for your car. Keep a folder of maintenance and repair records on your car.

Besides providing evidence, a folder packed with repair and maintenance records shows you cared for your vehicle. Dealer invoices, work summaries, and receipts of all oil changes and regularly scheduled tune-ups and inspections are compelling evidence that your car has received excellent care.

Nice and Clean

Just by keeping your vehicle properly clean, will make it look much better. Even if your car has new headlights, dirty plastic light covers will cause the vehicle appear worn out and neglected. 

Take the time to get in there and clean out dirt, dust, and grime from all over the car and wheels. Shiny wheels look new and can add to your vehicle’s luster and potential value.

selling your car

Faded Paint Job

Waxing and polishing may not work entirely to make the car’s color shine back, and it is not worth it, spending a fortune on a new paint job. If this is the case, Big Dog Wraps has the perfect solution to the problem.

With a full paint car wrap, you can make your ride look brand new. You can even try a different color and see if you can get more money from it. According to Forbes, there are some car colors that can bring more money back to an owner at trade-in time than others.

Big Dog Wraps uses printing technology that gets a premium, high-gloss finish emulating a custom paint job.

If your car’s original paint is still in good shape, but it has some scratches or dents, we can customize it just a little bit to give that great appearance you are looking for. Our team of creative experts will blow your mind with simple elegance.

Remember you can still get more money for your old car. Keep it clean, embellish it and boost its value with Big Dog Wraps. Give us a call today and get a free quote on your project.

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