Learn why a car wrap from Big Dog is better than a paint job

 TWO KEY THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT CAR WRAPS A car wrap is more cost-effective There are pros & cons to either wrapping or painting your car. Normally a high-quality paint job will cost more than a high-quality wrap. A cheap paint job is never a good thing, and preserving original paint is something we value, […]

Advertising car wrap solutions at Big Dog Wraps & Graphics

A GROWING DEMAND FOR MOBILE ADVERTISMENT For those of you who aren’t familiar with car wraps and their diverse uses, let us tell you a little about how necessary car wraps are becoming. Especially in the advertising industry. Read our  3 tips to help you with your advertising car wrap What is an advertising car wrap? […]

Revamping your car with a full body paint wrap

TWO MAJOR BENEFITS OF A FULL BODY PAINT WRAP There are actually many reasons for getting a full body paint wrap. Still, we want to tell you about the two main benefits because they have to do with aesthetics but also with protection. A Good looking vehicle If you can’t recall how beautiful a full body […]

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