Matte or Chrome car wrap? You decide, we provide!

At Big Dog Wraps we know it can be very difficult to decide whether to go matte or chrome on your car wrap. That’s why today we give you some insights to help you decide. Whatever you end up going for, you can count on us for your car wrap installation and design. What’s great about Matte […]

Wrap your car celebrity style at Big Dog Wraps & Graphics

3 DIFFERENT WAYS TO DO IT Among the many celebrity car wraps out there, we chose three styles that you can pick from or get inspired by. In one of the cases, you can do exactly what the celebrity did without a problem. In the other two cases, we suggest you get the idea and […]

Protect Your Car Wrap From Winter

Winter can be fun, but also expensive on your vehicles! We are all aware of the damages winter, snow and freezing temperatures can bring to our cars. Therefore, every year we get prepared and apply some extra care to our vehicles. Ice and snow, as well as salt, cause rust and corrosion to the car’s […]

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