Where do I find the best Vehicle Wraps in Colorado Springs?

When working with us, you can rest assured that we will take the time needed to get your vehicle wrap project done to your complete satisfaction. We create custom-designed vinyl car wrap graphics that express our customers’ image, services, and products, from small start-up businesses to large corporate franchises in Colorado Springs CO. Our team […]

Don’t underestimate the Power of A Big Dog Vehicle Wrap

A premium Vehicle Wrap for your fleet is a smart investment First of all, you have a cost-effective billboard that can be easily updated or replaced, and the original paint of the cars/trucks is left intact.  More and more you see them everywhere, chances are we did those too. In today’s marketplace, getting your customers’ attention […]

Should I get a Vinyl Wrap for my New Car?

Like many things in life sometimes we are judged by our weakest link! That is the case with vehicle wraps as well. Some of the vehicle wraps you see out there, you noticed them because they were “shitty”. There are two reasons why you would notice a vehicle wrap, the good & and the bad. […]

Still not sure about that Vehicle Wrap?

No matter your business, or the size of your business, BIG DOG Wraps can give you several options to increase your brand exposure, drive new business to your door, or get more people interested in your products and services than you ever thought possible. And why not use your own vehicle(s) as an extra platform […]

Matte or Chrome car wrap? You decide, we provide!

At Big Dog Wraps we know it can be very difficult to decide whether to go matte or chrome on your car wrap. That’s why today we give you some insights to help you decide. Whatever you end up going for, you can count on us for your car wrap installation and design. What’s great about Matte […]

3 tips to help you with your advertising car wrap

There are many ways you can go with advertising. However, not everything that comes to mind is necessarily convenient or appropriate. The following tips may help you get a clear idea on three fundamentals that will take you down a long way. Determine exactly what you want to achieve Think about something as basic as deciding whether […]

Invest in quality car wraps for your fleets

If you’re investing in the entire fleet, advertise using the most cost-effective way possible and turn heads 24/7 with fleet graphics and vehicle wraps. Varying from single decals to complete vehicle graphic wraps on small cars to full-size semi-trucks, nowadays it is all possible. Two crucial decisions A clear objective You can customize your marketing […]

Tired of your car’s old look? Come to Big Dog Wraps!

Looking for a different paint solution for your vehicle? You have come to the right place. We will wrap your car in any color you like. But not only that, we can do wrap combinations in different colors and add matte effect or texture to your custom wrap. Let’s make your ride the best in […]

Are Vehicle Wraps really effective?

In today’s marketplace, getting your customers attention is harder than ever With advertising becoming more and more expensive and competitive, we invite you to take a long, hard look at the power of BIG DOG Wraps. Did you know that the Federal Highway Transportation Administration estimates that on average over 750,000 visual images are viewed […]

Why Should You get a Vehicle Wrap for Your Business Promotion?

What’s the big deal with all these wraps? You see them everywhere, chances are we did those too. In today’s marketplace, getting your customers attention is harder than ever. With advertising becoming more and more expensive, and the return less and less, then we invite you to take a long, hard look at the power […]

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