Provide Style and Protect Your Car’s Paint with Big Dog Vehicle Wraps 

Wrapping your vehicle with a high-quality vinyl has obviously many advantages, but we have decided to present in this article four key benefits of wrapping your vehicle with us in the Denver Area. Protects Your Vehicle’s Original Painting We only use premium vehicle vinyl paper which acts as a shield against the weather and other potential hazards such as scratches […]

Business or Pleasure: Big Dog has the best wraps!

If you can think it we can print-wrap it! Nowadays with a vehicle wrap you can make any statement you choose to make. With some imagination, you can come up with some really ingenious concepts that will surely get noticed! If you really want to get noticed sometimes you have to go a little off […]

Learn why a car wrap from Big Dog is better than a paint job

 TWO KEY THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT CAR WRAPS A car wrap is more cost-effective There are pros & cons to either wrapping or painting your car. Normally a high-quality paint job will cost more than a high-quality wrap. A cheap paint job is never a good thing, and preserving original paint is something we value, […]

Advertising car wrap solutions at Big Dog Wraps & Graphics

A GROWING DEMAND FOR MOBILE ADVERTISMENT For those of you who aren’t familiar with car wraps and their diverse uses, let us tell you a little about how necessary car wraps are becoming. Especially in the advertising industry. Read our  3 tips to help you with your advertising car wrap What is an advertising car wrap? […]

3 Key Elements to Consider for an Effective Car Wrap Design

If you examined most wraps on the road today, you’d think the concept of designing a simple, easy-to-read message was difficult to understand. It’s really not, once you understand the fundamentals of what it takes to build a good wrap. The characteristics of a good wrap design and vehicle advertising — those which use proper […]

Revamping your car with a full body paint wrap

TWO MAJOR BENEFITS OF A FULL BODY PAINT WRAP There are actually many reasons for getting a full body paint wrap. Still, we want to tell you about the two main benefits because they have to do with aesthetics but also with protection. A Good looking vehicle If you can’t recall how beautiful a full body […]

The Real Power Behind Big Dog Vehicle Wraps

Advertising can be very expensive, and in many cases, the return doesn’t even cover what you spent on the advertising campaign. Another issue that we are facing today, is that getting our customer’s attention is becoming harder to reach each day. Big Dog Wraps & Graphics has the perfect solution for you. According to the Federal […]

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