Is That a Plain Window or Advertising Space?

Operating a business that means to attract more customers requires attractive signage. Window Graphics are an effective way to communicate with potential customers what your store offers and where to find products. Windows are an easy and great space to advertise your business, but they need to be built in a way that doesn’t disrupt […]

Advertisement Color Formula – Effective or Not?

How many times have you heard someone explaining that hospitals or mental institutions are white because the color encourages a calm and relaxing environment? Or that red, green and yellow colors (read: spice colors) can increase your appetite? The reason why they are used in most fast-food restaurants’ logos and banners. We also hear how […]

Will Your Vehicle Wrap Survive the Weather?

As is with cars, vehicle wraps are very often exposed to different weather conditions. Sometimes these may be harsh and last longer than anticipated, but the real question that many car owners ask is – are wraps durable enough to survive all weather conditions? Not All Wraps Are Created Equal At Big Dog Wraps and […]

Avoid Low-Quality Wraps and Installation

Vehicle wraps can have different applications and purposes. Some people use it for protecting the original car paint, others use it for customizing their vehicle’s appearance, and there are those who use it for advertising their company, products, or services. But the truth is that no matter what the reason for installing a vehicle wrap is, it […]

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