Buying a Used Car Without Getting Played

Buying a car is a tricky job. You need to be patient and careful in your decision. Purchasing a car can easily become stressful and tricky. Therefore, you need to take your steps with caution. So, today we would like to focus on used cars. Like we mentioned before getting a car can be tricky, […]

Think Twice Before You Get a New Paint Job

Feeling like it’s time to change your wheels (or at least the way they look), but money isn’t on your side? The price of a car paint job pops immediately in your head and for a very good reason. Depending on the factors and variables, a car paint job could go as high as $15k, if not […]

Driving Back to College

Going back to school is a mixture of feelings. For some of us, it can be hard. Not having worries about grades, schedules or major responsibilities, alarm clocks, traffic jam…we’ll miss the carefree vacation. On the other hand, it is always exciting to see friends, classmates and check out how much we have changed or […]

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