Car Wrap 911

Colorado, in general, is a pretty busy State. With a huge tourist attraction and a dense business center, people often come and go, 24/7, 365 days of the year. In fact, many drivers in Denver have been noticing that driving to and from work got a little slower the past couple of years. No wonder […]

Give your vehicle Super Powers with Big Dog Wraps!

When you get a Big Dog Wrap it is pretty much like giving your car special powers. You get so many benefits with the superior vinyl protection that you will be an automatic believer in the power of Big Dog. If you want to give your car a new look or be able to advertise […]

Cool Teen Car Wraps

So, school is already out and your teenage son or daughter has been pushing you for some driving lessons or in the worst scenario they already have their driver’s license and are pressuring you into buying them a brand new car.   Even when they are working hard to pay for their own car, you […]

Changing Your Car’s Color

Tired of your old car? Its paint has begun to fade off and it’s already showing some scratches and dings.  Still, you can’t afford a new one yet? It might be time for you to start thinking of changing its color. Maybe you have already thought about it, but money is always an issue. Let’s face […]

Thinking about a Vehicle Wrap? Come to Big Dog Wraps and Graphics

So, you are considering getting a vehicle wrap and apparently have come to the right place. Whether you want that to enhance your personal car’s appearance, or you’ve decided to advertise your business by having your fleet wrapped (good decision by the way), we would like to present you the basics of vehicle’s wraps. Of […]

This is the best time get a Big Dog Vehicle Wrap!

There are several reasons why now would be the best time to get a Vinyl Wrap for your vehicle or fleet. Many times we are not aware of it, but wintertime can be especially tough on our vehicles paint. The paint is like a car’s skin. It is the barrier against the elements, so all […]

5 Reasons Why Big Dog Wraps is Right for You

Why Wrap With Us We can wrap up pretty much anything that comes to mind. Protect your investment from the elements and have it look great for a long time.  1. Eye-Catching Advertisement With modern printing technology and recent innovations in the premium vinyl used for vehicle wraps, you can pretty much transmit anything you […]

Premium Vehicle Wraps from Big Dog Wraps

No matter your business, or the size of your business, BIG DOG Wraps can give you several options to increase your brand exposure, drive new business to your door, or get more people interested in your products and services than you ever thought possible. Our full vehicle wraps are a great way to promote your […]

Prevent The Sun From Damaging Your Car

As soon as the sun begins to intensify this time of the year, we go out and see if we can (gradually!) catch some UV rays and get a nice tan to show off this summer. However, we all know how dangerous UV rays are to our skin and health, so we need to be […]

How to React in a Car Crash

The freedom and advantages a car provides you are significant. However, we have to be very careful and conscious in the way we drive because as soon as we sit behind the wheel, we are all exposed to suffer a car accident. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, during 2017, a total of 273 […]